Monday, December 21, 2009

Boomerang Baby

Today's was Xander's preschool Christmas show. Not much, just someone playing piano and the kids singing along (or just standing there, or wandering away, etc). I knew there was a significant chance that if Xander saw me in the audience he wouldn't want to stay on the stage.

What I didn't expect was when the kids walked into the room, from the back, that when he spotted me, he would immediately detour out of line and come sit with me without ever making it to the stage.

But that's what happened. Then he insisted that I hold him the entire time and begged to go home, instead of staying in school for the rest of the day, as planned. Then I listened to him cry pitifully after handing him off to one of his teachers.

....why did I go again? Oh, yeah, to see my little boy in the show. Good intentions, I guess.

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