Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh, to be almost 3 again. Not.

Xander was so sweet--and sad--this morning. Usually he walks to the bus stop with Jessica and Daddy. Today he stayed home. On the days he "voluntarily" stays home, he usually starts screaming the minute they leave, "I want to go with Daddy!" Today, he sat quietly in my lap after they left and said, "I don't have a family anymore." I quickly assured him that just because his daddy and sister had left the room, they were still his family.
* * *
Mommy quote of the day, "Stop taking boogers out of your nose." This after he pulled a few out of his nose and said, "I have a booger" which meant I needed to dispose of them.
* * *
Xander's new nickname: Stitch. Enough said.

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