Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Needs to work on his poker face

Xander just told me, "I want my stuff back."

He was standing in the kitchen, so I asked if he meant his kitchen stuff, and he said yes.

See, the other day, he took the big bin full of plastic food that sits next to his little play kitchen and dumped everything out. Then he refused to clean it up. I told him if I had to clean it up, it was going into the basement for a couple of days. He still refused. I started to clean up, then, predictably, got distracted. While I was distracted, he dumped the things I had already picked up back on the floor.

I put it in the basement.

So now he wanted his "stuff" back.

"If you dump it on the floor again and I ask you to clean it up, will you?"

"No!" he immediately replied.

I mean, come on, at least lie and pretend you're going to.

"Then I'm not going to bring it up."

"I clean up, I clean up!" he said. Then, as a good faith effort, he picked a few toys that had migrated into the kitchen and took them into his bedroom.

I gave him back his stuff.

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