Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet dreams

I had a very nice bedtime last night. We were all laying down (that is to say, Jessica, Xander and I) and Jessica, as she always does, said, "I love you, Mom." Then a little voiced piped up "I too!" I'm pretty sure he meant "I love you, too."
* * *
Newest verbal acquisition
"Maa cah."
At first I thought this meant "my car." What it actually meant was "Mario Kart." He found a toy with Mario on it and when I saw the picture of Mario, I realized when he meant.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Smarter than the average husband

Or maybe just less lazy.

I've been struggling with a new bad habit by Hari lately, in that he refuses/forgets to throw away his used tissues, and they pile up on the kitchen counter or table.

But his boy is so smart. He likes to put things in the garbage as a general rule, even though we keep the garbage can up high so he can't get into it. He can, however, stand on his tip-toes and drop something in.

The other day he had a runny nose and asked for a tissue (that is to say, he said "nose, nose"). I gave him a tissue. He wiped his nose. He put the used tissue in the garbage.

The only problem was his technique in wiping his nose, which resulted in quite a messy little face. But I can deal with that.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm currently being subjected to a preview of Xander in teenager mode. He's got his Music Together CD and every song that comes on he turns LOUDER and LOUDER. I suppose it's better than a typical kids CD. Although not at 50, which is the highest level the volume goes to. In typical 2 year old fashion he threw a hissy fit when I tried to turn it down.

On the plus side, he's singing and dancing too, which is almost worth the hearing damage I'm incurring.
* * *
Xander has reached a challenging stage. He's now tall enough to reach the edge of the kitchen counter and his little fingers are always reaching up to grab whatever he can. While I instinctively just move things towards the center of the counter, he's also discovered the magic of step stools. He's all over moving a stool over to the counter to help him reach more stuff.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My boy is brilliant!

I took Xander to his Music Together class today. There's a part during every class where the kids can pick percussion instruments and use them while listening to a song. I noticed that Xander was sort of beating in time to the music, sometimes with the beat, sometimes not. And it wasn't just me that noticed. The teacher singled him out for being able to kind of keep time. And he's one of the youngest in the class! I'm sure in no time he'll be playing violin and piano. = )

Sunday, February 1, 2009