Friday, January 30, 2009

Mommy vs. Daddy

Lately Xander has been in a Daddy mood. "Daddy" "Daddy" "Daddy" is all I hear all day long. Although it's a bit of a nice break from "Mommy" all the time, it does make me feel a little sad.

Well, tonight I decided to "let" Hari put the kids to bed. He's been at it for about 5 minutes and Xander is sobbing "Mommy, Mommy." I guess he still needs Mommy a little bit, after all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Potty training opportunity?

I know everyone wants to hear about Xander's potty training. In fact, I'm sure it's been keeping some of you up nights, wondering what's going on with that. You're probably eagerly anticipating the first time in over 5 years that I don't have to change diapers.

Or not.

Anyway, for about the upteenth time this month, I changed Xander's diaper and he immediately pooped in his clean diaper. At first, I was annoyed. But then I got to thinking, maybe instead of putting on a new diaper, I should plop him on his potty and see if he'll go there instead. However, considering that the last time I put him on his potty sans diaper, he cried like a baby, so that may not work.

Worth a shot, though.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Xander wants to do everything Jessica does. For example, Jessica says "ow!" every time I comb her hair. Yesterday I was combing her hair, after dousing it with detangler spray. Xander came over and pointed at the detangler spray, which he frequently does. So I sprayed some on his head. Then he wanted me to brush his hair. So I did. Then, while I was brushing it, he started saying "Ow, ow!" Now, he's done this before, but I thought I was actually hurting him. He's got such little hair (compared to Jessica) and it's fine that I knew it wasn't tangled and that I wasn't hurting him. Then I realized he was saying "ow" because that's what Jessica does.

On a related note, he's developed this somewhat irritating habit of saying "owie" when he's upset. I think he realizes he gets more attention if he says that because we think he might be hurt. But it's reached the point of crying wolf. Now when he says ow, I don't believe that he's hurt, even if he is.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Terrible twos

I'm not really enjoying the terrible twos. Xander moved into them just before he turned two. It's a little new to me because Jessica didn't really have terrible twos. This is not selective memory; I remember thinking when she turned three, oh, the terrible twos weren't that terrible. Her terrible threes, however, were truly awful.

One of his "fun" new habits is this extreme independence. He doesn't want help with anything, like peeling the cover off a lollypop (which, of course, are eaten extremely seldomly in our house. Not.). He screams if you try to help him and then he screams because he can't get it off. There's no winning with him.

Then there's his language. I'm the typical Mommy interpreter, which is also new to me. Either because Jessica spoke earlier and more clearly or because I worked full-time when she was 2 so I didn't have the same exposure to her early language. He's talking a lot more these days, only even the Mommy interpreter can't understand a lot of it. And that frustrates us both to no end. I just want to be able to help him and he just wants to scream.

In summary--a lot of screaming.

Only 349 more days till he turns 3. I'm sure because his twos are terrible he'll let up a little when he turns 3, right? (If this is not true, I don't want to know about it).