Thursday, December 30, 2010

New address

I've decided to combine the kids' blogs into one blog. It's easier for me and I've been finding more stories about things they both do that I'm never sure how to separate into different blog entries. So from now on check out here:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skating by on technicalities

Xander has been less than enthusiastic about going to preschool the last couple of weeks. His schedule has been inconsistent, which makes it harder for him. Today even the lure of bringing in birthday cupcakes and seeing his pal Joseph couldn't make him agree to wear his bathing suit. Since he goes to preschool at the Y, one of the perks is swim lessons once a week. He prefers the shark bathing suit but I couldn't find it so I tried to pass off his Thomas bathing suit.

No go.

I decided not to fight it, and that I would pack the bathing suit and let his teacher figure it out. "I won't put your bathing suit on," I told him in all technical honesty.

When I went to pack the Thomas bathing suit I found his shark bathing suit already in the backpack he uses for swim lesson. I had put it there last week before his puke-a-thon kept him home on swim lesson day.

Then Xander said, "And don't pack that bathing suit!" referring to the Thomas bathing suit.

"I won't" I said, in all technical honesty.

Then I shoved his small swim lesson backpack into his bigger backpack so he wouldn't see it when we were walking out to the car.

Today's the last day of school before he's off for the next 12 days. I'll let his teacher bear the brunt of his bad temper. Merry Christmas, Miss Dara!
* * *
update: He ended up not swimming because his teacher for some reason didn't see his swim knapsack and I guess since he wasn't wearing his swimsuit, she figured he wasn't going to swim.

I found this out by asking him if he had gone swimming. "No," he said in a grumpy voice, I guess merely at the idea of swim lessons. "You didn't pack my bathing suit."

"Yes, I did," I told him. "Your teacher didn't see it?"

He very quickly picked up on my small betrayal: "I told you not to pack it!"

I was hoping he wouldn't remember that.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stomach troubles

There's a grocery store I really like to go to because the prices are much cheaper than almost anywhere else. They recently opened a new store and, nerd that I am, I was actually excited about it and looking forward to going to the new store.

I took Xander there last Tuesday, the 3rd day the store was open for business. We got through the dairy and deli areas just fine. We were about to head into the cookie/cracker aisle when he gave a big belch. We both laughed for a nanosecond and then he threw up all over the store's nice new shiny clean floor. And himself. I was able to dodge the bullet, thank goodness.

So, I took him home, changed him. He fell asleep about 20 minutes before I had to go pick up Jessica from school. I tried unsuccessfully to transfer him to his carseat without without waking him up. I strapped him in. In the approximately 6 seconds it took to close his door, open my door and sit down, he threw up again, all over his coat and carseat. I wiped him down as best as I could but I had to go get Jessica. Poor little guy was so upset.

Fortunately those were the only 2 vomit incidents. I did have to take his carseat down into its primary components in order to get the fabric part off to wash it.

I gave him some pedialyte to get some liquids into him. I don't know how I phrased it when I gave it to him, probably something like, "It's good to drink when your tummy hurts." Somehow, in his mind, that got translated to "It makes my tummy feel better."

For the last 5 days, he's been begging for the pedialyte, saying, "My tummy hurts, can I have some of that drink?" We're about done with the second bottle and then I'm cutting him off. He's definitely all better now.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just like at Child Watch....

There was a notice at the YMCA a month or so ago that they were looking for gently used toy donations. I was looking to get rid of some hardly used toys to make room for the birthday/Christmas loot. Now, what I thought I was doing was donating toys that were then going to be resold for fund raising for the child watch room (the daycare for people that are working out).

As it turned out, the toys I donated went directly into the child watch room. So far Jessica, usually a supersleuth when it comes to her toys, has not yet noticed or commented that her Little People Castle in now in the child watch room.

The boy, though, he's pretty suspicious. Two of the toys I gave were duplicate old Hess trucks with the same part broken (the tailgate/bumper piece). Unfortunately, the broken off piece remained in our house.

Xander found one of those pieces the other day and has been pestering me repeatedly to find his "big Jeeps" (which is what the Hess trucks look like) that are "like the ones at Child Watch."

I'm pleading the 5th.....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Next time we'll skip the trip

I took the kids to the aquarium the day before Thanksgiving. Jessica has always loved the aquariu, since she was even younger than Xander is now. Xander, however, spent much of the time complaining and wanting to go home. Because of that we stayed less time than I thought we would.

Today, we stopped at Petsmart to buy some cat food. Xander loved looking at the fish. I told him next time, we'd skip going to the aquarium and I'd just take him to a pet store instead. Sheesh.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Good and bad days

There are good days and there are bad days when it comes to preschool drop-off. Good is when he reluctantly lets go, does a tiny bit of fake crying but when I reach the door and turn to check, he's okay.

Bad is like today. He had a killer grip on my coat, I passed him off to one of the teachers, could hear him crying from down the hall. So I snuck back to listen to see if the crying stopped. Not only hadn't it stopped but when I peeked back in, he saw me and it looked like a new wave of crying was about to start. That's when I beat it out of there, to stop making things harder for his teacher.

At least I feel partially cheered up by the fact that his school pictures are awesome! The best of any of the kids' so far.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reading. Sort of.

Xander is now pre-reading. He either looks at the pages and makes up what he thinks is going on or he has the words memorized and he turns the pages at appropriate places. It's really cute. We've been reading 2 different car series and we just got home from the library with some more books from them. Since I hadn't read the books to him yet, he had to make up what he thought it said.

Then he informed me, "You can't read it because it has words that only little kids can read."

To go along with his reading skills, he came up with a new phrase: "Once uton a pime." Love it!