Friday, February 5, 2010

Fool me once, shame on you....

As anyone with a small child knows, band-aids are the best thing ever. Regardless of whether or not there's actually a boo-boo.

One night last week, as I was trying to get Xander to sleep, he complained he had a boo-boo and needed a band-aid. He pointed out the boo-boo but in the semi-darkness of the room I didn't see anything. I tried to ignore his request but sooner rather than later, I gave in. When I brought the band-aid into the room and asked him to show me the boo-boo again so I knew where to put it, he gave me a completely different finger to put it in than he'd shown me before.

With this incident in mind, last night he started complaining again. He showed me the boo-boo and again I didn't see anything. I told him if the boo-boo was still there in the morning, I'd give him a band-aid. He got very insistent and eventually produced real tears. I thought, okay, maybe it is a real boo-boo; after all, he's crying. I got up and got a band-aid.

He gave me a different finger to put it on.

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