Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm currently being subjected to a preview of Xander in teenager mode. He's got his Music Together CD and every song that comes on he turns LOUDER and LOUDER. I suppose it's better than a typical kids CD. Although not at 50, which is the highest level the volume goes to. In typical 2 year old fashion he threw a hissy fit when I tried to turn it down.

On the plus side, he's singing and dancing too, which is almost worth the hearing damage I'm incurring.
* * *
Xander has reached a challenging stage. He's now tall enough to reach the edge of the kitchen counter and his little fingers are always reaching up to grab whatever he can. While I instinctively just move things towards the center of the counter, he's also discovered the magic of step stools. He's all over moving a stool over to the counter to help him reach more stuff.

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