Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Smarter than the average husband

Or maybe just less lazy.

I've been struggling with a new bad habit by Hari lately, in that he refuses/forgets to throw away his used tissues, and they pile up on the kitchen counter or table.

But his boy is so smart. He likes to put things in the garbage as a general rule, even though we keep the garbage can up high so he can't get into it. He can, however, stand on his tip-toes and drop something in.

The other day he had a runny nose and asked for a tissue (that is to say, he said "nose, nose"). I gave him a tissue. He wiped his nose. He put the used tissue in the garbage.

The only problem was his technique in wiping his nose, which resulted in quite a messy little face. But I can deal with that.

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