Saturday, December 12, 2009


Warning: if you object to any of the following 3 P-words (pee, poop and potty) do not go any further.

Xander's been potty training in earnest over the last week or so.

Day 1
He did great! It wasn't a full day, as we were out for a few hours in the morning and he was fully diapered. About lunchtime I put him in pants (no diaper, no underwear) and he had only one accident and went in the potty a bunch of times. More encouraging was that at least 3 or 4 times he said, "I'm peeing" but it turned out he wasn't actually peeing but was about to pee and then went successfully on the potty.

Day 2:
A few accidents so far (pee only, thank goodness). Plus he's gotten greedy with the M&M's, demanding a fistful (or two) every time he pees and pitching a fit when I say no. Need to think about whether to continue with candy bribes. Have not given in to diapers yet.

I put my foot down about the M&MS and now he pretty quietly accepts what I give him, after I threatened to withhold them completely. He continued to have a couple of accidents, but did much better in the afternoon.

Day 3:
He woke up, still wearing a diaper for overnight. It was 5:30 and I didn't feel like pressing the issue and seeing if he was dry. But after about an hour he asked to take off his diaper and a little while after that he went and peed on the potty.

Daddy is taking them out to church and for a magic show, and didn't want to risk having him sans diapers. I put him in a pull-up and explained it could be pulled up and down like underwear. Just before they left, he said he had to pee, and went to the potty. I helped him pull them down and sure enough, he used the potty. I'm feeling optimistic right now. I think I'll send him to preschool tomorrow in underwear and cross my fingers.

Day 4:
He out and out refused to wear underwear to preschool, so I put him in pull-ups. Daddy picked him up and forgot to ask if he'd used the potty. He used it when he came home, so that was good.

Day 5:
He used it again this morning. I'm going to consider him house-trained. Literally. He will reliably use the potty in the house. So far, attempts to get him to use the big potty and any potties outside of the house have been unsuccessful. And I'd really like him to use the big potty because that little potty is really grossing me out. steps and forward progress. I'm not complaining.

Day 6:
Got him to pee on the big potty with the potty insert.

Day 7:
Got him to pee on the big potty without the potty insert.

Day 9:
Took off his diaper despite his protests: "I want my diaper." Yeah, kid, and I want a million dollars. Turns out his diaper is the only thing holding up his pants. 15 minutes later he peed and pooped (or, as I said earlier "pooed and peeped") on the little potty. I think my work here is done.

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