Thursday, December 10, 2009

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Hari often accuses me of being the garbage police. It's true. Nothing enrages me more than seeing a glass container (glass is so easily recycled into more glass) in the garbage. Not to mention all the compostable stuff he throws out.

Well, yesterday while cleaning the kids' room I stumbled on a mini pumpkin from Halloween. It's decomposable, it was starting to mold and I decided to throw it out. I was a bit concerned one of the kids might see it, so I thought I sort of covered it with something else.

Later in the day, "Mommy, why is pumpkin in the garbage?"
* * *
This morning, I was vacuuming the living room and I turned around to see my little man vacuuming right next to me with his little toy vacuum (matching Hoovers, even).

Apparently the apple is close to the other apples as well
Jessica has the very cute habit of saying, "I have good news" or "I have good news and I have bad news" and then she shares whatever news it is. The other night, Xander said "I have good news."

"What's your good news?' I asked

"I have bad news," he replied.

Okay. "What's your bad news?"

We went through several iterations. It turned out he didn't really have any news at all but just wanted to copy his sister.

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