Monday, December 29, 2008

We've created a monster!

On Christmas, we visited with Uncle Eric's family at Nanny's house. Xander was very social. He learned a new trick: Cheers! We had him running all over the living room clinking his sippy cup up against the glass of anyone who would let him, saying "chee! chee!"

Now that we're home, he's been bugging Jessica incessantly. Poor girl is trying to go to sleep at night, with Xander insisting that she do cheers with him with their water sippies. Now he's using the toy soda bottle in the play food set he got for Christmas, trying to get Jessica to do cheers with the other toy soda bottle.

I think he'll do well at the toast for the next wedding we go to.

Update: now he's trying to do cheers with their lollypops. Will the insanity ever end?!

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