Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Amazing Alexander

Alexander has become a magician. His favorite (and only) trick is the magic disappearing act. He takes an item, covers it with a napkin, asks "Where is it?" then takes off the napkin to magically reveal the item.

A couple of days ago he was doing this with a tiny piece of donut. He did it, oh, 7 or 8 times, complete with the "Where did it go?" hand gesture. Then, in his zeal to pick up the napkin, he accidentally picked up the tiny piece of donut with the napkin. He was absolutely dumbfounded when he saw he had actually made the donut disappear.

* * *
2 notable word acquistions

"Salsa." For some reason, we were talking about salsa and Hari and I started saying it over and over the way Jerry and George do on Seinfeld. Then Xander said it, sort of the same way George and Jerry say it.

"Love you." I finally got the boy to tell me he loved me. Yay!

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