Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This time he really did want more

We went to a barbeque yesterday at Misha's house. I had been wanting brownies and rather than have a whole batch in the house for me to eat, I decided to make some to take to the barbeque. Xander sampled a little after they came out of the oven and decided he liked them.

After eating our grilled meats, we had the brownies. Misha was holding Xander and eating a brownie and graciously shared some with him. She didn't expect to share as much as he wanted to share. Then I took him into my lap, with a brownie for us to share. I held the brownie on my napkin and broke off a small piece to give to him. He promptly helped himself to the entire brownie, minus the little crumb he left for me. His hands were too small to hold it, and he ended up holding a piece in each hand, before stuffing it into his mouth.

After he was done, he got this really happy hopeful expression on his face and signed "more?" He took it pretty well when I told him no more. He was tired and rested his head against me. I was telling someone who hadn't seen his signing about how he had "signed for more brownie." At the words "more brownie" he picked up his head and looked at me hopefully again.

The answer was still no, but I know now how much he likes brownies.

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Nutan said...

Brownies - 1; Chickpeas - 0