Monday, September 22, 2008


I've joked to several people that Xander has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). He gets upset if a fingernail rips and starts to come off. If he gets a little bit of dirt on his fingers, he holds them up to me to clean off. I made the mistake once of letting him get a stamp on his hand after gymnastics class, and he spent the rest of the day trying to rub it off (I now get the stamps on his feet so he still gets them, but I can cover them up with socks).

Well, today clumsy Mommy knocked over the sand art Jessica made yesterday at KidsArt. We'd had it for less than 24 hours before Mommy broke it (but that's another issue). This was right before we were rushing to get Jessica off to preschool. Now it's afternoon and I haven't cleaned up the sand yet. Xander spied it on the floor, pointed it out to me kind of anxiously, then went to the drawer where we keep the dish rags, brought one over and immediately tried to clean it up with the dishrag. Sadly, it only made a bigger mess but I guess it's the effort that counts.

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