Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chase! It's fun!

Xander likes to play Chase. When I'm the Chaser and he's the Chasee. His favorite time to play it is diaper changing time! It used to be that I could just sit on the floor with a clean diaper, call him over, and he'd come. Then he started getting wise to it, so I would hide the diaper changing paraphernalia behind me, hold open my arms and call "Kisses!" He would come over for kisses and I'd snatch up him and change his diaper.

He's way wise to that now. Now, every time he sees me on the floor with a clean diaper, he looks at me, smiles and runs as fast as he can away from me. It doesn't matter how badly he needs his diaper changed. This is obviously not a kid who's interested in potty training.

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