Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick study

Today's is Xander's second day of daycare. He's being watched by a woman who lives about a half mile away. Tuesday was his first day. He did pretty well when I dropped him off. He was looking around the house, taking it all in. I didn't hear any screaming when I left the house. And the report was that he had done well, no crying and had played with Noreen's 2 year old son.

Today he remembered that I left him there for 5 hours on Tuesday. I tried to put him down. He cried. I picked him up for one last hug before leaving. He immediately stopped crying and said "Bye" to Noreen. I had to break the news to him that he wasn't leaving, I was. I handed him off to Noreen and left. I remember how a quick good-bye always worked best with Jessica. I hope it works for him.

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