Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jazz is overrated

As I've mentioned, Xander loves music. He dances and claps and rocks his head back and forth. It's adorable. Some day I'll download the video I have of him dancing with his little guitar. Until today the little guitar (which has no strings but plays music and animal sounds when you press various buttons) was his favourite toy. Now, it's been replaced.

By what?


Bless you.

No, Hullabaloo.

It's a game for preschoolers made by the makers of Cranium. Very cute, fun. It has a base that shouts out instructions for players to follow (move here, move there, do a silly dance, etc). And it plays this little tune when it starts up and while it's waiting for you to complete whatever task it's told you to do.

That's the music that Xander loves. He took the game out of the box this morning and has turned the thing on and off, oh, about a hundred times, dancing to the startup music.

Now, Hari saw him playing with it, and was probably as sick of the tune as I am, and brought him upstairs to listen to jazz. He did listen, for a while. Then he came back to his old favourite, Hullabaloo.

(Hullabaloo, Hullabaloo, Hullabaloo, Hullabaloo).

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Kristin said...

Is that the game we gave Jessica for her birthday? I was wondering if it was any good. Maybe I should get it for the boys to play when they're stuck inside due to bad weather or tired mommy.