Monday, September 7, 2009

A picture says a thousand words

We had a pretty disastrous trip to Six Flags today. How can a trip to an amusement park be disastrous? Well, it's supposed to be fun, right? However, a certain, very short, male person in our group did nothing but whine and complain and cry pretty much from the moment we got there to the moment we left.

Oh, except when I bought him a gigantic (billed as "small" yet still outrageously expensive) ice cream cone. It's hard to cry when you're drowning in ice cream.

The kids ate their cones on the way out. As I was walking alone, pushing the stroller, I saw a few people look at Xander and smile. I thought it was just because there was this little kid with this enormous* ice cream cone. At one point, we passed a woman who said, "He's so cute."

I thought, he probably does look pretty cute. I should take a picture. So I got out the camera. When I walked in front of him to take the picture, I found out why everyone was smiling at him:

Jessica fared a little better:

Oh, and for those of you that aren't on Facebook, here's a cute picture of the kids from yesterday. Can you guess what they were eating?

*Note to Nutan:

Look! I managed to use both "enormous" and "gigantic" without resorting to "ginormous." It can be done.

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