Friday, September 25, 2009


My "baby" started preschool today, the first day he could according to MA law, at 2 years, 9 months of age.

He did great!

I must admit, I was little worried. He still cried every time I dropped him off at daycare, though I suspect they were crocodile tears. Hari took him for an orientation session last Thursday, where they hung out for an hour or so and Xander was apparently kind of clingy.

When we got there, as we went up the stairs, he asked, "Why going to Jessie's school?" It's the same preschool we sent Jessica to for 2 years, so he certainly recognized the building. "It's your school now," I told him.

Once we got there, he was clingy. I sat with him for a little while. We played with some playdough, then took out a monkey puzzle. When it was Circle Time, I had to leave, because, as we told him, Circle Time isn't for parents. I handed him over, crying a little (him, not me), to one of the teachers. I hung out in the hall but didn't hear any crying, so I left.

I called a few hours later and they said he was doing really well. He hadn't cried and he was laughing and playing with the other kids. I got the full report when we picked him up in the afternoon. He did much better than any of us expected. At one point, he told one of the teachers, "This is my school now." He took his rest time without any trouble. He talked to lots of people, teachers and children. He far exceeded my expectations. And he had a huge smile on his face when Jessica and I got there to pick him up.

He's my big boy now!

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