Thursday, September 3, 2009

This and that

Xander has reached what a friend once described as the "charming" stage of speech where he puts out a constant dialogue of what he's doing. Examples: "Mommy, I put my shoe on." "I picked flower." "I rode in kayak." "I helped Daddy's police car." Better late than never!
* * *
One of his new tricks is the way he responds whenever you ask him what color something is. First, he always says blue first, no matter what color the item is. Second, he always says, really fast, "I don't know, blue?" so that it comes out something like, "I dunno, blue?" Then when you tell him it's not blue, he'll respond with something like, "I dunno, geen?" I think this is just a game, because he can sort items into groups of color and he's correctly identified pink and orange, so I don't think it's random guessing.
* * *
There's been some disagreement between his parents about his hair length. Daddy would prefer than Xander have the same haircut he does--about a quarter inch. I like it long. Little boys can get away with long curly hair. Although we saw one boy this weekend, about 2 years old, practically with ringlets. I'm not sure I would go that far.

Anyway, I've been polling everyone I see, asking for their opinion. Most people agree it's okay, even adorable, for him to have it long, though some (cough, cough, Uncle Eric) won't do so in front of Hari. His two daycare teachers really like it long, so much so that they are trying to teach him to say to his daddy "No haircut."

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