Thursday, October 23, 2008

I hope I don't regret this

Xander loves Goodnight Moon. I was never a big fan of it and Jessica liked it okay. But Xander will often bring it to me to have me read it and then I have to read it several times. He doesn't do that with any other book.

When Jessica was his age, I found another book written by the same author, My World. I hated it. She loved it. I had gotten it from the library and boy was I glad when it was due and I could get rid of it.

I was on Amazon last week, looking for a few books for Xander, and I found My World. Since he *loves* Goodnight Moon so much, I decided to buy it. thinking if Jessica loved it and wasn't even that fond of Goodnight Moon then Xander would be (pardon the pun) over the moon about it.

It arrived yesterday. We read it today. He's not over the moon about it--yet--but he did really like it. It didn't seem as bad as it did when I read it to Jessica. Maybe after a hundred readings, I'll change my mind. But I'll still read it to him.

What we won't do for our children.

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