Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't stop now!

I've been struggling a bit with Xander at bedtime. He just doesn't want to go to sleep. The bedtime routine that works with Jessica just doesn't work with him. For example, tonight Jessica had a bath. Baths are supposed to be relaxing, good for inducing relaxation and sleep. Except when a certain little someone screams bloody murder in the bath, and has for the past SIX MONTHS. So, no bath for him. He gets the rest of the routine, diaper change (or potty for Jessica, of course), pajamas, toothbrushing, a short video, a couple of books, and then lights out.

Then, in his baby mind, the party begins. He won't settle. In the last week, I've started giving him back massages, hoping this will relax him. I limit them to before naptime and before bedtime, hoping he'll associate it with sleep. He LOVES massages. He giggles, especially when I get to the shoulder blades. But then when my hand and arm gets tired, I stop. He might start crying, or sometimes he pulls at my hand in an effort to get me started again. I'm not sure yet it's working but it's kind of funny to watch his reactions.

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