Sunday, March 22, 2009


Xander loves pizza.

He gets excited when he sees a picture of pizza. We have a book on shapes and one of the examples for triangle is a piece of pizza.

His teacher from Early Intervention was over one day, around lunch time. Hari was making these sauceless onion and anchovy pizzas. He said something using the word pizza, and Xander jumped up, and ran from the living room where he was sitting with Alexis, straight into the kitchen. Alexis said she'd never seen someone move so fast upon hearing the word pizza.

He can't even say it properly: "peee, peeee" he says.

Mommy knows what he means.


Nutan said...

Wait a sec...let's go back to that one part...onion and anchovy pizzas?

Laura said...

Yes. You read that right. And the first time Hari made it, when he forgot to rinse off the anchovies? Well, that was memorable. Not necessarily in a good way. But the onions were carmelized, so yum! (I know you hate cooked onions).