Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is that an echo I hear?

Xander loves to imitate his big sister, what she says, what she does. Well, earlier tonight, Hari wanted the kids to try a garlicky dish he'd make. He asked Jessica to smell it and tell him what she thought.

"Ew, yuck," she said.

Hari then tried to get Xander to smell it but he said "Ew, yuck" before he even got a chance to smell it.

Hari knew Xander was just copying what Jessica was saying. So he told Jessica to smell it and say, "Really great!"

She did.

Without missing a beat (and still without smelling the food), Xander echoed, "Really great."

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Jessica just drew a picture for Xander and ripped it out of the notebook. He then went on to rip off all the ragged parts of the edge.

"Look I ripped off the page," he said.

"Yes, " I said. "You ripped off the perforation."

"I ripped off the perspiration," he replied.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Jessica and Xander were just playing this game Kerplunk. You put a bunch of sticks in the middle of this cylinder, pile marbles on top and try to put out the sticks one by one and dislodge as few marbles as possible.

I was upstairs when the stick-pulling-out occurred, but I would hear a crash of marbles and then Xander's delighted shrieks. When it was over, Xander was all excited: "Mom I got a lot of marbles!" Jessica was similarly excited: "Xander got a lot of marbles!" In their eyes, they both won.

* * *

Memory lane
This is how the mind of a preschooler works:
Last Saturday evening, Hari and Jessica were returning from the Daddy-daughter dance. They ran into our neighbor, Jim. Jim mentioned that he had seen a fox running up in our yard.

They came into the house. They told me and Xander that Jim had told them that there was a fox in the yard.

A few days later, Xander said, "Remember when we saw a fox in the yard?"

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Xander started running a fever yesterday. Apparently it got worse over the night. I discovered this when, at 3 am, he started shrieking "Spiders! Spiders on your head!" Being, as one generally is at 3 am, mostly asleep, I started running my hand over my head. No spiders. He just kept screaming. I thought maybe it was night terrors, not that he's ever had them before. I turned the light on, thinking that if it was well lit, he would see there were no spiders.

No. He just kept screaming, looking around at the spiders only he could see. Predictably, all this shrieking woke Jessica up. She started crying. Then Xander said he wanted to go downstairs. I told Jessica to go sleep with Daddy. She didn't want to go. I walked her down to our room. Then Xander changed his mind and said he wanted to sleep with Daddy. I thought that was a much better idea than going downstairs, so we all piled into the big bed.

He was still going on about spiders and added shadows to the mix. He lay on top of me, poor little hot body, seeming to fall asleep but every few minutes saying "Shadowy!" or speaking in tongues. Jessica and Daddy went back to sleep immediately. After a while, Xander drifted off. Finally poor Mommy got back to sleep.

This morning, his fever is down and he's lucid, thank goodness!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good bye curls

(click on picture to see it bigger)

Big Boy

Xander's all about being a big boy now and being independent, which we think is great. There are still a couple of sticking points, though.

For example, he still wants to sit in the clip-on chair at the table even though he's kind of too big for it. So, I'm using his desire to be a big boy to try to coax him out of it.

"Xander, do you want to sit on the big boy stool or in your baby chair?" So far, it's a draw but I'll keep trying.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conversation from yesterday

We were driving home from the Y after a mad dash to the car through the pouring rain.

Xander: (whining) Take my pants off!!! (They were wet)

Mom: Not while we're driving. Why don't you scream instead?

Xander: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Mom: (without missing a beat) Did that help?

Xander: No!

Eh. It was worth a try.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Xander's new favorite word is meap. I'm still trying to figure out what he means by it. The word "meep" was banned in a Massachusetts high school. It's also the name of character in Phineas and Ferb, which is where I adopted the spelling from.

He uses it when he's mad, so I'm starting to suspect it's some sort of preschooler curse word. Hopefully some day he will explain it to me.

* * *
We had a lot of rain last week. However, on Thursday, the sun came back out. On Friday evening, we went to the Y for Jessica's art class. Xander insisted on bringing and using his umbrella. Several people laughed when they saw him. Now, if he had been an adult, particularly an older one, carrying that umbrella in the middle of sunshine, people would have thought he was crazy. But being 3, everyone knew that that's just the type of thing a 3 year old does. No questions asked.

* * *
Xander loves to imitate other people. Most often it's Jessica. Last week, I hurt my back and was hobbling around. We were walking from the car to his school and I turned around and saw him hobbling in the same exact way I was hobbling.