Sunday, June 29, 2008


Xander's vocabulary is pretty limited right now. Mostly it's Mama and Uh-oh. While I was thrilled that Mama was one of his first words (and before Dada), now it's degraded into a generic word for all people. It's pretty funny to see him reaching out for Hari, saying "Mama." He also calls random strangers Mama, which is a bit upsetting. He's working on a couple of D words: Ducky, doggie and Dada. It's hard to tell exactly. And I think he's mastered Hi ("ha").

His other very cute new habit is hugging. He will hug anyone. Again, random strangers. We were at the kids gym at the Y yesterday. There was another woman with a son about his age, sitting on the floor. He walked up to her, held out his arms, and when she let him, crawled into his lap and cuddled with her a bit.

I'm hoping this means the separation and stranger anxiety are a thing of the past. This means Hari and I can actually leave him with a babysitter and go out alone. Woohoo!

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