Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stomach troubles

There's a grocery store I really like to go to because the prices are much cheaper than almost anywhere else. They recently opened a new store and, nerd that I am, I was actually excited about it and looking forward to going to the new store.

I took Xander there last Tuesday, the 3rd day the store was open for business. We got through the dairy and deli areas just fine. We were about to head into the cookie/cracker aisle when he gave a big belch. We both laughed for a nanosecond and then he threw up all over the store's nice new shiny clean floor. And himself. I was able to dodge the bullet, thank goodness.

So, I took him home, changed him. He fell asleep about 20 minutes before I had to go pick up Jessica from school. I tried unsuccessfully to transfer him to his carseat without without waking him up. I strapped him in. In the approximately 6 seconds it took to close his door, open my door and sit down, he threw up again, all over his coat and carseat. I wiped him down as best as I could but I had to go get Jessica. Poor little guy was so upset.

Fortunately those were the only 2 vomit incidents. I did have to take his carseat down into its primary components in order to get the fabric part off to wash it.

I gave him some pedialyte to get some liquids into him. I don't know how I phrased it when I gave it to him, probably something like, "It's good to drink when your tummy hurts." Somehow, in his mind, that got translated to "It makes my tummy feel better."

For the last 5 days, he's been begging for the pedialyte, saying, "My tummy hurts, can I have some of that drink?" We're about done with the second bottle and then I'm cutting him off. He's definitely all better now.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little guy :(

Grandpa Danhy