Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting and treats

I took the kids to vote with me tonight. I had almost forgotten and we were at the Y so I asked them if they wanted to go with me. After a lengthy discussion, we agreed we would go.

"Boat!" is what Xander said. Thinking he was just mispronouncing it, I said, "Yes, let's boat."

So we went and voted. As I was waiting to check out, Xander asked, "Are we going to go on the boat now?"

I can't help but feel I misled him.

* * *

Xander didn't do very well at Halloween. Jessica had been invited to a friend's house for a quick pizza dinner and then to trick or treat in the neighborhood. I tagged along with Xander because she didn't want to go out without me.

Her friend's older brother had also invited some friends. I didn't realize one of them was wearing a scary mask and pushing his face into Xander's face until he was already scared. We got to go to exactly one house and he wanted to go home. Fortunately by then Jessica was having enough fun where she didn't care if we went home. Good big sister that she is, she shared her bountiful treats with Xander when she got home.

After lunch today, Xander was allowed one piece of candy. He agonized over this decision. He kept pulling pieces of candy out, examining them, rejecting them. At one point he took out four pieces and did "meenie meenie miney mo."

I think he put more time into deciding which piece of candy to have than most people did on the election today.

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