Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Xander has been a terribly picky eater lately. It's been really frustrating. We have to feed him bit by bit and he's apt to spit out anything he doesn't like the taste of.

Tonight I was feeding him just the chicken from our chicken stir-fry. We agreed if he ate the chicken, he could then have a bowl of cereal. Even that was a struggle. At one point he said he was full.

Automatically, I replied, "Well, if you're full, I guess you don't have any room for cereal."

He quickly said, "There's two 'full's.'" Then he held up one finger, a second, one finger, a second. "Two fulls. Two fulls." He said it so much "full" turned into "flull."

Hari and I were both laughing. I got a couple of more pieces of chicken into him and then gave him his cereal.

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