Saturday, April 17, 2010


Xander started running a fever yesterday. Apparently it got worse over the night. I discovered this when, at 3 am, he started shrieking "Spiders! Spiders on your head!" Being, as one generally is at 3 am, mostly asleep, I started running my hand over my head. No spiders. He just kept screaming. I thought maybe it was night terrors, not that he's ever had them before. I turned the light on, thinking that if it was well lit, he would see there were no spiders.

No. He just kept screaming, looking around at the spiders only he could see. Predictably, all this shrieking woke Jessica up. She started crying. Then Xander said he wanted to go downstairs. I told Jessica to go sleep with Daddy. She didn't want to go. I walked her down to our room. Then Xander changed his mind and said he wanted to sleep with Daddy. I thought that was a much better idea than going downstairs, so we all piled into the big bed.

He was still going on about spiders and added shadows to the mix. He lay on top of me, poor little hot body, seeming to fall asleep but every few minutes saying "Shadowy!" or speaking in tongues. Jessica and Daddy went back to sleep immediately. After a while, Xander drifted off. Finally poor Mommy got back to sleep.

This morning, his fever is down and he's lucid, thank goodness!

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