Saturday, March 20, 2010

Helpful comment

I made a last-minute throw-together kind of dinner tonight that included boxed macaroni and cheese. In a display of stupendous ineptitude, I knocked over the open box of macaroni and spilled every last one on the floor. The kids were nice enough to help clean it up. After I put some other pasta on to boil, I took out a bag of frozen corn.

Xander looked at me holding it and asked, "Are you going to spill that too?"

Friday, March 19, 2010

20 (thousand) questions

Xander has been talking up a storm lately. Run on sentences, run on paragraphs and oh, the questions. Well, we were driving in the van today and he was asking questions a mile a minute. I asked him to just be quiet and not ask me questions for a few minutes because I needed the quiet.

"Why?" he immediately responded.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodbye and Hello

Although I get frustrated with Xander's clinginess, particularly at drop-off time at school or the gym, it's more than made up for by the reaction I get when I pick him up.

When I pick him up from school, he gets up or stops whatever he's doing and runs toward me as fast as his little legs can carry him. I kneel down and prepare for a full-on assault hug.

When I pick him up from the gym daycare, where he's behind a half door, he'll look up, see me, and since he's usually done some coloring, he makes a beeline for the table, grabs his paper, and runs over to half door to be let out.

If only I could remind him of how happy he is when I pick him up when he's sobbing as I drop him off.

* * *
Xander's teacher had a great trick this morning. She saw him clinging to me, and came over.

"Now remember," she said to him. "We have one rule here: NO SMILING."

Of course he burst into a big smile at that.