Friday, February 26, 2010


Xander likes to use his name in everything. Earlier today he was made "Xander angels" instead of snow angels.

A habit he's picked up from his sister is saying "pretend we're cats (or dogs or iguanas or gerbils, etc) and you're the mommy cat and daddy is the daddy cat." Where Jessica usually says "and I'm the big sister cat," he'll say, "I'm the Xander cat."

* * *
At bedtime I went downstairs to find something without with Jessica could not live, a frequent occurrence in our house, and he insisted on following me. He found his sippy cup of milk, which I had forgotten to put it away. I took it from him and went to put it in the fridge. He immediately started screaming and wrapped his little hand around the door so I couldn't close it. I removed his hand so I could close it and he started crying about some imaginary injury.

Then we went back upstairs and he insisted he needed a band-aid "for when you closed the refrigerator on my hand." I took another look but there was still no visible injury. In the interest of world peace, I gave him a band-aid anyway.

Now, Jessica has been trying valiantly to stop biting her nails and chewing on her fingers. I bought her "chewlery" which is a necklace/bracelet set that is okay for kids to put in their mouths.

After I gave him his band-aid, he started going on about how he needed chewlery.

"But you don't bite your nails," I said. I have to cut his nails frequently because they grow so quickly and so long.

"Yes I do" he whined.

"Show me," I said.

He then just stuck a finger into his mouth, up to the first joint. He clearly didn't even know how to chew on his fingernails.

Jessica & I just laughed. He didn't get the chewlery.

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Anonymous said...

I love "chewelry".

Grandpa Dan